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Bona Fide Fake

My new fake boyfriend may not like me, but he needs me. There are worse foundations for a relationship.

Toni Fairweather is a liar and a fake. I suspected it the day we met, but when he lies to his friends about being my boyfriend, I know for sure. I’ll play along with his deception, but Toni will owe me - big time.

I have my own reasons for needing a boyfriend. Someone who can handle me. Someone who can keep me in line. Toni is demanding enough to fulfil every requirement.

I don’t need to like the man… to obey him.

I never meant to fake a relationship with the lead singer of a local rock band. But the fib popped out over lunch with my best friend, and now I’m expected to present my new boyfriend at his engagement party next month.

The good news? I’m not the only one in need of a date.

Being boyfriends for a month shouldn’t be hard, but I do have one condition: this won’t be some fake boyfriends deal. I want a real relationship, and Ned’s going to give it to me.

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Soundtrack: Bona Fide Fake

Soundtrack: Bona Fide Fake

Every story comes with it's own soundtrack (at least, it does when I write it) and Bona Fide Fake was no different. This month, I invite you to listen to the music that inspired the various parts of Toni and Ned's story. I had such a great time developing this list, and loved how the […]
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My Favourite Books of 2021

My Favourite Books of 2021

Every January, I like to take a moment to revisit the books I read for the first time in the previous year (they may have been published in a different year) and pick my favourites. I've had the pleasure of reading some wonderful books over the past 12 months, so picking a handful has been […]
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Anywhere, But Somewhere

Anywhere, But Somewhere

Location. Location. Location. A sense of place is as important in fiction as it is in real estate. Why? Because story events never unfold in a void. They always happen in a place. A darkened room. A crowded beach. A craggy mountain top in Mordor. It can be anywhere, as long as it’s somewhere. When […]
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