The Creative Spark

A friend recently asked me if the hardest part of writing a book is coming up with the idea. She'd read an article where Suzanne Collins talked about being inspired while channel-surfing between reality TV and coverage of the war in Iraq. The result: The...

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All the Broken Pieces: The Soundtrack

Soundtracks! If you've been on my newsletter list for a while you'll know about my love of book soundtracks. Every book in the Finding Forever series has it's own soundtrack, which I've shared in the past. I've enjoyed them all but I have to say, the...

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Writing For My Tribe

Since the release of All the Broken Pieces early in May, I’ve contacted a whole bunch of review sites requesting a review for the book. The way it works, generally, is that each site has a group of regular reviewers. When an author requests a review, the...

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Following the Muse

When I first started writing, I read books on writing craft by the dozen. After I decided to be an indie publisher I did the same with books on publishing and book marketing. One of the first pieces of advice I came across, which actually came from the...

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Everything We Need: The Soundtrack

At the end of every year Spotify (the music streaming service I use) sends me a list of my Top Songs of the Year (that is, the songs I've listened to most throughout the year). My list is always heavily dependent on the books I've written that year, due to...

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My Writerly Love for Pinterest

As a writer of fiction, keeping my creative juices flowing is way up there near the top of my list of priorities. I use a variety of methods to do this. Staring off into the distance while daydreaming about scenes from my books is a favourite. And you all know by now...

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This Time Forever: The Soundtrack

On the odd occasion my love of music takes over and pretty much ruins whatever else I might be doing at the time. I won't confirm this is the reason why dinner was a little on the over-cooked side tonight, but I will claim the glass of red wine I enjoyed...

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Best Screen Kisses (According to Me!)

Who doesn't love a great screen kiss? The kind that makes your heart beat faster and a dreamy smile appear on your face. I know I do. This month, to keep me warm in the great grey depths of winter (yes, it's cold in my part of the world and I'm definitely...

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FREE Finding Forever Short Story

That Night is a short prequel to This Time Forever, Book 3 of the Finding Forever series. I wrote these scenes some years ago, when I was first developing the story that would become This Time Forever. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak at how Kelly and Jake first met....

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