My Writerly Love for Pinterest

As a writer of fiction, keeping my creative juices flowing is way up there near the top of my list of priorities. I use a variety of methods to do this. Staring off into the distance while daydreaming about scenes from my books is a favourite. And you all know by now...

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This Time Forever: The Soundtrack

On the odd occasion my love of music takes over and pretty much ruins whatever else I might be doing at the time. I won't confirm this is the reason why dinner was a little on the over-cooked side tonight, but I will claim the glass of red wine I enjoyed...

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Best Screen Kisses (According to Me!)

Who doesn't love a great screen kiss? The kind that makes your heart beat faster and a dreamy smile appear on your face. I know I do. This month, to keep me warm in the great grey depths of winter (yes, it's cold in my part of the world and I'm definitely...

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FREE Finding Forever Short Story

That Night is a short prequel to This Time Forever, Book 3 of the Finding Forever series. I wrote these scenes some years ago, when I was first developing the story that would become This Time Forever. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak at how Kelly and Jake first met....

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Lost in Amber: The Soundtrack

I've mentioned before that when I started writing romance novels my love of music naturally became part of my writing process. Every time I start a new book, one of the first things I do is create a soundtrack for the book. Then I listen to it - constantly. In that...

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Our Very Own Heroes

We all love a hero. In a really good romance novel the hero could be anything from a rugged firefighter to a rock star. A dashing rake in a regency ballroom or a billionaire businessman. We love our romance heroes to be gorgeous with abs to die for. And while they may...

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Our Little Secret: The Soundtrack

I love music! All kinds of music. At the piano I usually play classical music. When I’m with my kids we listen to popular music (and various renditions of ‘Let It Go’). When I’m in the car by myself it’s alternative rock all the way. As a young woman I used to like...

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