Give Me All the Books!

As readers we all love to get our hands on as many books as possible. In the olden days (of not so long ago) that meant buying pretty much every book you wanted to read. These days, readers have something we as consumers all love: options.

We can buy: This is me. My pleasure reading time is limited so I don’t make it through enough books each month to make a subscription service worthwhile. Plus, there’s something about owning a big book collection makes me giddy (even if they are all electronic). I’m definitely a book buyer.

We can lend: This is my mum. As a voracious reader, she loves her Kindle Unlimited subscription and often tells me about whatever new series she’s been reading. For her, not owning the books she reads isn’t an issue, because when she finishes one book, there is always another waiting to be discovered.

We can wait for new episodes: With Amazon’s new Kindle Vella we can get books in a serialised format and wait for new ‘episodes’ to come out. I haven’t had a chance to check this format out yet, but would love to hear the verdict from anyone who has read books this way.

How do you like to get your hands on books? Are you a buyer or a lender? Do you enjoy a little of both? Or are you loving the new Vella format? I’d love to know more about you.

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