Soundtrack: The Harder We Fall

Music is a huge part of my life. So, when I first picked up a pen and started to write, it was no surprise that the urge to create a soundtrack for each book followed close behind. I listen to my soundtracks constantly during the writing process. While driving, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, doing the grocery shopping. Any time I can put my playlist on and let the creative part of my brain get lost in the music.

Populating a new soundtrack can be fun, but it’s often frustrating. The songs need to reflect the themes and characters within the story, set the tone for writing sessions, and inspire new and interesting plot twists.

I got lucky when I began writing The Harder We Fall. One weekend, I set up my ironing board (ironing is a perfect soundtrack-building activity), put in my earbuds and started my Story Inspiration list on Spotify. Just to see what would pop up. I absolutely did not expect the first song that played to end up being the theme song for the whole book! But there it was, a song in which the performer sings to an unknown person in need of emotional support to get through a sleepless night. It was perfect for my chronic insomniac and the voice he becomes enthralled with!

Of course, not every song I add to a playlist stays there. At one stage, I decided to add My Immortal by Evanescence to my The Harder We Fall soundtrack. It’s a profoundly beautiful song about grieving the death of a loved one, and the struggle of wanting to hold on to that person but needing to let them go at the same time. I thought it would be a good song for my main character, Tristan, who was also struggling with grief.

Tristan objected. Strongly. There were lyrics in the song that did not fit the relationship he had with his lost loved one and he felt the song was a misrepresentation of his experience. When your main character starts growling ‘don’t tell me how I feel’ at you every time a certain song plays, you know it’s time to pay attention. The song lasted about a day and a half before it was removed.

The soundtrack for The Harder We Fall was a huge contributor to the mood of the book. But the subject matter was heavy, and I must admit I was relieved to leave it behind when the book was done. I know there will be days in the future when I’m moved to listen to it again, and as I listen it will take me back to that time when I was first writing the words. That’s when I’ll fall in love with Tristan and Sam’s story all over again.

Here it is, the soundtrack for The Harder We Fall

Song for Someone – Vertical Horizon (The theme song for The Harder We Fall)
I’ll Be Good – Jaymes Young (Tristan’s song before he meets Sam)
Unsteady – X Ambassadors (Tristan and his parents)
Ghost – Jacob Lee (Sam, meet Tristan)
Looking Too Closely – Fink
Find A Way – SafetySuit (Sam invites Tristan to stay the night)
Through Glass – Stone Sour
Beautiful Crime – Tamer (I’ve been wanting to put this song on a soundtrack for years. It never quite fit – until now)
Wildfire – SYML (“You’re not a curse. You’re not too much. You are needed here. You are enough.” Sam’s message for Tristan)
Collide – Sleeping Wolf (Tristan wishes he could turn back time and start again – but still end up with Sam)
Pieces – Andrew Belle
Lover, Please Stay – Nothing But Thieves (Sam’s song for Tristan)
Better – SYML (Tristan’s thank you for Sam)
Love Don’t Die – The Fray (The theme song for the end of the book, because I had a desperate need to finish on a high note)

I hope you enjoyed the soundtrack for The Harder We Fall. All my soundtracks can be found on the music streaming app, Spotify. Just do a search for my profile (rrainewriter) to check them out!

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