Soundtrack: Bona Fide Fake

Every story comes with it’s own soundtrack (at least, it does when I write it) and Bona Fide Fake was no different. This month, I invite you to listen to the music that inspired the various parts of Toni and Ned’s story. I had such a great time developing this list, and loved how the differences in Toni and Ned’s personalities came through in the songs we chose. I know using the term ‘we’ might seem a little weird, but it really does feel like the characters themselves voice their opinions on the song choices, so I’d hate to take all the credit.

You can join me by clicking on the YouTube links below and watching the film clips (where they’re available) as you listen. Or you can listen to the list through my Spotify account, which you can find here!

Let’s get started…

Don’t You Know by Jaymes Young – Every book needs a theme song and this one was perfect for Bona Fide Fake. It nailed the tone of the book with every note.

I’m So Tired by Lauv ft. Troye Sivan – Everything about this song screams Toni right at the start of the book. I can practically hear him complaining in the lyrics, “I’m so damned tired of love songs. Everyone around me is falling in love. I just want to go home!” Yep, there’s my boy.

Dangerous by Hands Like Houses – If you’ve listened to any of my other soundtracks you may have noticed my love for Aussie band, Hands Like Houses. When I heard this song on their new album I knew it perfectly represented Ned’s worldview at the start of the book.

Bite by Troye Sivan – How fabulously Toni is this? It doesn’t hurt that Troye looks a little like our cocktail-loving, dimpled darling.

Power by Isak Danielson – (This film clip is more explicit than the rest.) If I could only give you one song to represent Bona Fide Fake, it would be this one. All Ned’s deepest desires are right here, and Isak Danielson’s voice brings them to life so beautifully.

My My My! by Troye Sivan – (Trigger for photosensitivity) Here’s a tidbit I haven’t mentioned elsewhere. I once had a flash of inspiration for a short story that would have involved a club dancer and a police officer who happened to be in the audience. The flash happened while I was listening to this song. While that story never ended up going anywhere, one of the conversations I wrote out between the two characters inspired the conversation Ned and Toni have while Ned’s tending bar soon after they meet. For those of you who have read the book it involves four little words Toni would rather not say that manage to render Ned speechless. 😉

Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots – “One time a thing occurred to me, what’s real and what’s for sale… Think I’d be safer all alone…” In my head Ned wrote this song for his band, Fifth Circle (with Johnny’s help, of course) based on his experiences with both Zac and Toni.

Tied Down by Jaymes Young – No prizes for knowing which character this song belongs to. It’s Toni alllllllll over.

Black Sheep by Jacob Lee – This song makes me a little sad, because this is who Ned might have become… if he’d never met Zac.

I Like Me Better by Lauv – Aaand back to the fun stuff. This is Toni’s worldview after he falls in love with Ned. Because life is better when you’re with the one who sees you from fabulous to furious and back again… and loves you anyway.

Would? by Alice in Chains – This is me channeling Fifth Circle’s performance at the Autumn Skies Music Festival in Byron Bay. I wish I could go and hang out with the boys!

Stuck with Me by The Neighbourhood – For me this song represents Ned’s time in Sydney when he was desperately trying to make a living as a musician. “I got caught up in the forest, hangin’ with the trees. Realised I’m less important, than I thought I’d be.”

Find My Way Back by Eric Arjes – I always like to end with a love song and when I tossed this one onto the list, it stuck. Toni and Ned have reached their happily ever after. Squee!

I hope you enjoyed listening to the soundtrack for Bona Fide Fake! If you’d like to hear any of my other soundtracks, you can find them on Spotify.

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