All the Broken Pieces: The Soundtrack

Soundtracks! If you’ve been on my newsletter list for a while you’ll know about my love of book soundtracks. Every book in the Finding Forever series has it’s own soundtrack, which I’ve shared in the past. I’ve enjoyed them all but I have to say, the soundtrack for All the Broken Pieces is my absolute favourite. It’s shorter than the rest but, as I was writing the book, every song on the list was so thoroughly connected to it that simply listening to any one of them was like a shortcut for getting into book-mode. Today I’m going to share the list with you, including handy-dandy links to the songs on YouTube. Here they are:

  • Pieces – Red (This was the theme song for the book. I loved it from first listen. A fabulous match for Harrison at the start of the book.)
  • Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol (Because we all need someone who will lay down with us and just forget the world.)
  • Pieces – Rob Thomas
  • Demons – Imagine Dragons (We all have at least a few demons scampering about in our heads. Harrison’s head was a little more crowded than most.)
  • Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol
  • I Want Everything – The Dollar Bill Murrays (I love to add at least some Australian music to every list and this band is from my very own city of BrisVegas, a.k.a. Brisbane. This song was perfect for the moment when Jeremy realises he’s gotten more than he bargained for in Harrison.)
  • Start A Riot – Banners (Despite Jeremy’s early reluctance, he fought to hold on to Harrison. This song was a great match.)
  • Clarity – Matthew Koma (This song is AMAZING! I don’t want to say which scene it fits in the book (it would be a spoiler!) but if you’ve read it, you’ll probably know.)
  • Hold On Forever – Rob Thomas (If you only listen to one song off the whole list, make it this one. This song represented Jeremy and Harrison’s relationship at the end of the book. It’s happy and boppy, so Harrison would hate it, but I love it!)

I hope you enjoy the All the Broken Pieces soundtrack. You can also hear it, and all the other soundtracks, at my Spotify profile (rrainewriter).

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