My Favourite Books of 2019

Hello and welcome to 2020! I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing holiday period and have started the new year off with a bang! This month, I’ve taken some time to look back over all the books I bought in 2019 (they weren’t necessarily published in 2019) to bring you a list of my favourites. I spent the entire year with rainbows in my eyes, so I hope you enjoy your MM romances, because this list is full to the brim!

My Favourite Book of 2019: Want Me by Neve Wilder

This US-based college romance is HOT! Really freaking HOT! The best part is, the characters are also 100% lovable and the plot, while taking a backseat to all that HEAT, is solid. If you read this book, it’s important to note it was originally written as a serial sent out to Neve’s newsletter subscribers. When it was complete, she released the whole thing as a novel, but kept the episodic structure intact. Hence, a higher than normal portion of the text is devoted to sex scenes (did I mention they’re HOT?) and a lesser portion is devoted to plot. Be okay with that. Enjoy the book for what it is. And then go back and enjoy it again! 🙂

Other Books I Loved (in no particular order):

The Made Marian Series (by Lucy Lennox)
The first book in the Made Marian series, Borrowing Blue, made it onto my list of favourite books for 2018. This year I want to add Taming Teddy, Jumping Jude and Grounding Griffin to the list. This is just an amazing series. Lighthearted, and packed with all the best romance tropes. So much fun to be had! My ultimate fav so far is Jumping Jude, because I absolutely cannot resist a rock star. There’s still a bunch of books in the series I haven’t managed to get to yet. Maybe they’ll be on my favourites list for 2020!

Unspoken Vow (Steele Brothers, Book 2) by Eden Finley
After reading the first book in the Steele Brothers series, Unwritten Law, myself and few thousand other people sat with our hands over our mouths and tried not to yell at Eden to WRITE FASTER. Everyone wanted to see Law’s twin brother, Anders, get the happily every after he so deserved, and desperately needed. Eden came through with a book that is extremely well-written, funny, sexy, and heart-warming. Anders and Brody are loving, flawed characters who struggle towards their HEA in fits and starts, but always with hope and compassion.

Wake Up Married Serial by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths
This is another story written as a serial and I loved every one of the six episodes. Will and Patrick wake up together in a hotel room in Vegas. They don’t remember meeting, they don’t remember getting absolutely plastered, and they certainly don’t remember GETTING MARRIED! Can these two total opposites (a genius neurosurgeon who will happily argue with you over whether or not you have the right to the last cookie in the cafe window, and the son a staunchly catholic mafia boss who would just as happily put a hit out on anyone who even mentions the word ‘divorce’) get past their crazy start and actually fall in love? Despite dealing with some serious issues, Wake Up Married was full of fun and sexy times. I would have followed Will and Patrick pretty much anywhere. Note: Don’t let the not-so-great cover scare you away.

Of Sunlight and Stardust by Christina Lee and Riley Hart
This book was a Finalist in the 2019 Lambda Literary Awards for Gay Romance, and for good reason. This book is amazing! It tells the story of Tanner, a man grieving the loss of his beloved wife, and Cole, a man who is struggling to survive after his recent release from prison. The love story is slow and tentative, with an incredible depth of emotion. I loved the threads of fate that weaved in and out of the story, bringing the past into the present. Christina Lee and Riley Hart are both powerful storytellers in their own right. When they come together, magic happens!

The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles
I love a good historical novel, and when you throw some magic into the mix, I’m all the happier. This book left me tickled pink. 🙂 Lucien has recently inherited the title of Lord Crane after the mysterious deaths of his father and brother. Now he’s facing the same threats that took their lives, and he needs magical help – fast. Stephen, a magician, steps in to lend a hand despite having good reason to hate Lord Crane, no matter which man bears the name. Magic and mayhem ensue. Good times! Plus, check out that gorgeous cover!

A Gentleman Never Keeps Score by Cat Sebastian
I’ve never read a Cat Sebastian book I didn’t love, and this historical is no exception. Hartley Sedgwick has recently fallen out of favour with London’s elite, and has become something of a recluse. Sam Fox runs a reputable pub in a poorer part of London and takes pride in giving the locals a safe place for a pint. When protecting a friend leads to Sam break into Hartley’s house to steal a painting, he ends up with more than he bargained for.

Little Harbour (Scandinavian Comfort, Book 1) and 717 Miles by Sophia Soames
Eeeeeeasy reeeeeading. A Sophia Soames book is where you go when you want to relax and enjoy – Norwegian-style. Low on angst and high on cuddles, these books are full of humour, affection, the laughter of a houseful of children (Little Harbour), and much baking (717 Miles).

I hope you enjoyed reading through the list and that you found something to add to your To Be Read list. If so, I’d love to know which one. What are your favourite books of 2019?

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