Many Paths to the Same Place

After finishing nine books and starting on my tenth, I’ve reached one conclusion about the writing process: every book is different. This may not sound like a big deal, but for me it’s actually quite horrifying.

When I first started writing, I spent a lot of time reading about the wonderful and unique writing processes of other authors. I always imagined that after writing a few books I would discover my own process and that would be that. I would be able to use that same process to write book after book, streamlining and refining as I went.

The reality? Splinter took forever to write, Our Little Secret was done in a few short months. Writing All the Broken Pieces hurt my heart, but the constant rewrites for Becoming Us hurt my brain. The Experiment plotted itself practically before I put pen to paper. The new book I’m writing started with a spark of an idea for one facet of one character and I had to consciously build the story from there.

Plotting. Characterisation. Relationship arcs. Nothing ever seems to work the same way twice! It’s enough to send a pragmatist bonkers.

Part of me still hopes that one day I will stumble across a tried and true path to follow when writing. But the creative part of me loves using a new approach every time – even if my muse is forcing me to do it. Either way, I least I know I’ll never (ever, ever, ever) get bored.

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