Becoming Us

She’s the woman I’ve always loved. He’s the man I’ve never stopped wanting. Who says I can’t have everything?


Falling in love with Gabi at eighteen was easy. Falling for Connor at the same time? That’s where things got complicated. When I discovered their latent feelings for each other, it seemed like all the pieces of us were falling into place. Until the night I offered Connor a taste of Gabi’s kiss – from my lips – and everything fell apart.

Six years have passed, but I’m still the same selfish bastard who wants more than his fair share of love. If I ever get a second chance, I’ll do anything to make them mine.


The night I found my boyfriend cheating on me with my oldest crush, my heart broke. I managed to rebuild my friendship with Connor, even after he left town. But Lawrence is nothing more to me than my brother’s best friend – and the best man at his upcoming wedding.

Connor’s recent return has rekindled the attraction that’s always lingered beneath the surface of our friendship. A romantic weekend of wedding celebrations seems like the perfect opportunity to explore the possibilities between us. If Lawrence is forced to watch from the sidelines, so be it.


As a male super-model, I’ve been voted World’s Sexiest Man – twice. But Gabi has only ever treated me as a friend. When she asks me to be her date for the wedding, I know this is my chance to win her heart – even if I have to do it under Lawrence’s watchful gaze.

But Lawrence has never been good at keeping his distance, and the kiss we shared all those years ago started something that has yet to be resolved. How do I keep him from coming between me and Gabi, when that’s exactly where I want him?

Peak Inside...

The elevator doors slid open and we all entered the overly spacious box. Never once in my life had I wished for a smaller elevator—until today. I allowed Gabi and Connor to enter first. They pushed their luggage to the back and stood right in the middle of the space, claiming centre stage. Moving to Connor’s side, I leaned my back against the side wall so I could watch them together. The doors slid closed and Connor lifted Gabi’s hand to place a kiss on the back of her fingers. Smiling at each other, they blatantly ignored my presence, and I had to suppress a grin of my own.


Of all people, Gabi and Connor should have known better than to try to make me jealous. Instead, the deliberateness of the scene caused warmth to spread way down deep in the cockles of my eager fucking heart, for one simple reason: if they didn’t care what I thought about their new dating status, they wouldn’t have taken such delight in rubbing it in my face.


As the floor numbers continued to rise, and I continued to be fascinated by the display before me, Connor said in a low voice, “You do realise it’s impolite to stare.”


“Can’t help it. I’m still getting used to you being so…” My pause was long and deliberate. I wanted them to wonder what adjective I would use. “Tall,” I said finally.


Those sky-blue laser beams swung my way, accompanied by a crooked grin. “Actually, I think that would be you who’s so… short.” Oh, the emphasis he put on that last word. He might as well have given me a hickey.


I laughed out loud, loving how cocky he’d become with Gabi at his side. “Who would have thought an extra inch could make such a difference?”


Gabi snorted in amusement and muttered, “Phrasing,” under her breath.


“My darling, Gabrielle,” I drawled with exaggerated sophistication, “get your mind out of the gutter. We’re civilised gentlemen here.”


“Huh! You’re about as civilised as my left shoe.”


Dropping my gaze to her feet, I considered the shoe in question. It looked pricey, nude leather on the top with an elaborate wedge heel. “Your shoe looks all stylish and fashionable to me—very civilised. But perhaps it’s hiding a wild side. If you whip it off, I could take a closer look.”


Spinning to face me, she stepped closer, glaring at me through narrowed eyes. “Listen very carefully. Connor and I plan to have a lovely time on our date this weekend. Feel free to watch from the sidelines if you wish, but do not interfere.”


“Believe me,” I said, the words all low and husky, “the last thing I want to do is interfere. I think you know that.”


She gasped, drawing back to put some space between us. I didn’t want space between us, so I stepped forward to regain the previous closeness, which put us directly in front of Connor. Perfect.


“I do think it’s curious that after all these years the two of you would choose this particular weekend to go on your first ‘date’.” I used my fingers to place air quotes around the word. Maybe I’d luck out and they’d go to extra lengths to prove its credibility. “The one weekend you’re forced to spend in my company.” I tilted my head slightly before adding, “It’s almost like you want me to watch.”


“You wish,” Gabi drawled, lifting her chin.


“Damned right I do.” I stared at her mouth, my body humming with excitement. “You let me know when you’re ready to give it a shot. Imagine all the things Connor and I could do to you.” I turned my head to look at Connor, who gazed back at me with barely concealed lust. “I know I do.”


Gabi straightened further, her breasts thrusting out as she snaked a hand up Connor’s shoulder and around his neck. “Are you sure you aren’t more interested in what Connor and I could do to you?”


My whole body throbbed in response and I closed my eyes. “That, too.” The whispered words were harsh with need. “Say the word, Gabi. One word from you is all it takes.”


Her grip on Connor tightened, but her gaze remained locked with mine as desire collided with fear and hesitation.


“We’re here.” Connor’s strangled words were followed by a quiet bing, and the doors to the elevator slid open, cutting off any denial Gabi may have wanted to make.


I could have kissed the gods above for providing me with such perfect timing. It felt like the entire universe was on my side.


“Gabi,” Connor said, gesturing with a single hand. “Let’s go check out our room, yeah?”


“Yes, let’s.” Gabi’s words were clipped, and she smiled as her earlier smugness returned. “I want to see how big the bed is.” With that, she stormed out of the lift, yanking her suitcase behind her.


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