Our Little Secret

How does a sensible, modern woman indulge in a three-way relationship without getting all tangled up?

Julia Hearst is a practical, responsible accountant with no tolerance for salacious thoughts in the workplace. Even if those thoughts, inspired by her two incredibly hot gay employers, are running rampant through her own head. Julia is ready to embark on a new job and leave all these lusty feelings behind.

Long-time lovers, Derek Carrigan and Scott Mason, have always known they were meant to share their lives with a woman. As far as they’re concerned, they found her the day Julia walked in looking for a job. Now she’s leaving, and will no longer be under their employ, it’s time to make their move.

Although shocked by their advances, Julia is seduced by the idea of indulging in a few weeks of sensual adventure before she starts her new job. Then, with the restless side of her satisfied, she has every intention of returning to her safe, predictable life with no one the wiser. It will be their little secret.

Derek and Scott, on the otherhand, have their own agenda. Now they have Julia exactly where they want her, they’re not about to let her go.



  1. Hazel Donaldson

    I would like to see more mad bisexual story or mm story as the good to read

  2. Hazel donaldson

    I would like to read this book and see more of these story and mm romance from you next year

    • Rebecca Raine

      Thanks for letting me know, Hazel. I will definitely have more MM romance goodness available in 2020. 🙂


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