Music has always played a big part in my life and every book I write comes with its own soundtrack. Book soundtracks are invaluable as they keep me focused on the current book, even when I’m not writing. I listen to them when I’m driving in the car, cooking bacon and eggs for a big Sunday breakfast, even when I’m doing the ironing. Often little snippets of lyric will spark an idea that will turn out to be just the thing I need to solve a plot problem or figure out why a character is insisting on doing whatever it is they’re doing (rather than what I want them to do). Today, I wanted to share the music that inspired me while I was writing The Experiment.

The whole soundtrack is available through my Spotify Profile, or you can go straight to the playlist itself here.

To check out the individual songs on YouTube, just follow the links below. Happy listening!

Through Glass – Hands Like Houses (Theme Song Alert! From one of my favourite Australian bands)
Scattered Parts – Emptyself (Patrick’s self-awareness obsession – in song form!)
Don’t Mind Me – Walking on Cars (“We’ve got nothing to lose, except everything we have.” A song for Logan)
Comedown – Bush (An older song, this was the first one to be added to the soundtrack back when I originally had the idea for the book.) 
Gravity (Stripped) – Wage War (We have to let go of the past before we can embrace a better kind of future)
Born (Part 2) – Dead Letter Circus (Another awesome Aussie band)
Say It First – Sam Smith (This song is 100% Logan.)
Momentary – Hands Like Houses (Yeah. I listened to a lot of Hands Like Houses while I wrote TE. It was a whole thing.)
Trouble I’m In – Twinbed (Set after the dinner with Patrick’s family)
Throw It All Away – Staind (I’m a huge Staind fan and I’ve waited years for a character that matched this song. Logan is that character. Perfection.)
Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi (This song breaks my heart every time. Logan’s low point.)
To Myself – Alfie Arcuri (Who doesn’t love a Patrick epiphany?)
No Parallels – Hands Like Houses (Every great romance has a happy ending and so should the soundtrack. “This is happiness. To be everything at once. Be unblinded and unlearned. Be unbridled and unburned.”)

I hope you enjoy checking out my soundtrack for The Experiment. Don’t forget, the soundtracks for all my other books are also available on Spotify.