Everything We Need: The Soundtrack

At the end of every year Spotify (the music streaming service I use) sends me a list of my Top Songs of the Year (that is, the songs I’ve listened to most throughout the year). My list is always heavily dependent on the books I’ve written that year, due to my great love of book soundtracks. So it was no surprise that all the songs I had on my completely unofficial soundtrack for Everything We Need, Book Four of my Finding Forever series, topped my Top Songs list for 2017. Although they did have some competition this year from a Norwegian pop song (5 Fine Frokner was part of my obsession with the Norwegian TV show SKAM.)

Today I thought I’d share with you some of the songs from the Everything We Need soundtrack, just as I’ve done for the other books in the Finding Forever series (Our Little Secret, Lost in Amber, This Time Forever). Only this time I thought I’d add links to the songs through YouTube for your easy listening pleasure.

Without further ado, here is a list of about half the songs that helped me bring life to Trina, Brady and Jeremy while writing Everything We Need:

If you have a Spotify account, and would like to listen to the whole soundtrack, you can go to my profile (rrainewriter) to listen. To find out more about Everything We Need, click here. To buy a copy of the book, visit your local Amazon store (US, UK, AUS).

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